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Hi there, I'm Gi Gi!

This is my story...

It's time to stop compromising and take FULL CONTROL of your future...the world is changing, and now more than ever >>

It's critical to go all in on YOU!

In my universe you discover the REAL YOU , the one that can have it all, the one that is truly HAPPY and has unfuckwithable LIMITLESSNESS that no one can break.

I figured out while writing my best-selling book a life changing secret:

>> Manifestation, starts with HAPPINESS!

Are you ready to activate the frequency of your dream life? It's closer than you think.

Your happiness & reminding you that you are a damn MIRACLE capable of anything, is my MISSION!

That's why I am offering a free copy of my ebook and masterclass on the The Manifesting Formula™ to help you start shifting to the frequency of MIRACLES, starting with happiness!

"I believe this is the best manifesting masterclass, in the world. 🤯 "



"This is exactly the kind of book the world needs right now. It examines happiness and manifestation through a truthful and scientifically stimulating lens."

— Sienna Miller, Actress


"This is not a simplistic 'how-to' book. Gi Gi has bravely ripped the bandaid off her personal journey and processed it into a highly intellectual, transformative understanding of manifestation, happiness and well-being." — Mike Paseornek, previous President of Production at Lionsgate Motion Picture Group


"This is a book the world needs in these times, for both relief and great inspiration." — Ndaba Mandela, Chairman of Mandela Institute for Humanity, author, mentor and the grandson of Nelson Mandela.


"In the discussion on manifestation, motivation and purpose, Gi Gi clearly and succinctly encapsulates exactly what I discovered from the wisdom obtained through years of experience. So I can say, without a doubt, that this book will set you on a path to a refreshed outlook on life and help you discover why you are here so you have focus." — Daniel Curran, Forbes #7 SuperAngel Unicorn Investor, founder, tech executive, and immortality proponent.


"A creative framework that builds on neuroscience findings, cognitive behavior and somatic therapies and enhances it with personality, depth, and raw realistic guidance. With 30 years of experience in social work and psychotherapy, it is refreshing to have a book like this make its way into the world at just the right time." — Christine Harris, LCSW, MIACP, BC-TMH, Author, International Psychotherapist and Consultant


"Gi Gi is a radiant and empowering person, and her passion for mental health will help many all over the world." —Susie Moore, author of Let It Be Easy and advice columnist for Oprah, Cosmopolitan, and Good Morning America


"The pandemic has had a global impact on mental health, but it also brought much-needed attention to the issue. In response, this book is timely, powerful, and will greatly influence well-being globally." —Cori Lathan, CEO & Board Director of Antro Tronix, tech innovator, and Brain Scientist


"Gi Gi is a brilliant mind who bravely tackles a complex topic like manifestation and makes it more accessible. Her unique approach to intelligence will serve humanity well." —The Honourable Richard J Evans, CEO of Octavius GB LTD


"This fast-paced, well-researched piece provides a timely essential service so often neglected —the pursuit of mental health. Ms. O'Brien's raw honesty connects with readers and takes them on a journey to manifesting true happiness." — Laura Hildebrandt, Sustainable Development Specialist for the United Nations Development Programme

gii stands for Global Intelligence Initiative

I founded this company with a mission to evolve traditional IQ to not only include emotional intelligence but to also capitalise on what the design of the human consciousness is truly capable of. 

We use innate intelligence to master frequency across your neuropsychology, cosmology and biology. This is the ultimate pathway to LIVING YOUR DREAM.


NEUROINTELLIGENCE℠ | Neuropsychology & Mind

COSMOINTELLIGENCE℠ | Cosmology & Purpose


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There is NOTHING like this on the market because I created it while trying to strategically fill the gaps that other frameworks were missing. It was especially important to me to help identify & remove what stops manifestations so you become UNSTOPPABLE. My simple scientific techniques around hacking human intelligence for high-frequency magnetism can change your life — no fluff, zero BS.

I believe you should have fun CREATING your next level life!

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